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Кому помог Fless



I want to thank Fless for the well-structured McKinsey PST course which helped me prepare for the test in tough timings. The course covered all major test aspects, including strategies, shortcuts, and other tips, which helped me build confidence and right attitude. The quality of the course material was outstanding. Victor is a great instructor, who finds individual approach to each student and helps him or her to reach the full potential.

Boris Smirnov


The synergy of lectures and practice gave me a chance firstly to learn how to approach different types of questions and then to apply this knowledge in class sessions and home assignments. During further mistakes discussions I understood why I made specific mistakes and hence should be extra careful in such questions in future. As a result, I have improved the average number of correctly solved questions from 16 out of 26 to 19-20.

Ekaterina Senicheva

MGIMO Case Club

Thank you for such an informative and productive crush-course on PST. During the study time you managed to give information in a very structured way and always had time and patience to answer even the dummiest questions of students and also came up with relevant feedback, caveats and life hacks. That was extremely helpful.

Rodion Chekmazov


First try at PST test and I thought I can't be so stupid. Went to Victor's PST prep course and I learnt the mechanics that one needs to get this thing done correctly and in fast pace, my progress was obvious, after that it's only a matter of practice. A good bonus: Victor develops PST tests himself and they are harder than McKinsey's.

Anastasia Ratkanova

BCG, Dubai

Я получила оффер о котором мечтала, и хочу сказать спасибо за помощь в подготовке! PST курс очень классно организован, и разговор с Ромой перед финалом помог мне настроиться на правильную волну. Спасибо!

Команда Fless

Виктор Рогуленко

Founder and CEO

Делится опытом работы в McKinsey, поступлением на MBA в Stanford и учебой в школе анализа данных Яндекса. Преподает курс подготовки к PST и проектирует корпоративные курсы.

Дарья Титоренко

Head of sales and marketing

Ответит на вопросы, сопроводит во время учебы, подскажет по стратегии обучения.

Иван Полушкин

Head of production and course administration

Сопровождает студентов Флесс на всем протяжении учебы. Отвечает за выпуск видео контента Fless на канале YouTube.