In this video I solve an Oliver Wyman-style numerical reasoning test. I cover equations, probability, geometry, compounding, and some other question types. The video is long, so feel free to save the link for future reference and watch in several sittings.

The test is a challenge since you have only 30 mins to deal with all the questions I cover in this long video. So practice. Pause the video on each question, try to solve it on your own, and only then watch the solution.

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Known mistakes fixed:
00:02:43 My interpretation of Insta’s growth is wrong (thanks to Elchin Karimov for pointing out). Insta’s downloads increase is not 10k but rather [prev. month increase] + 10k. That means the following dynamics: J 300, F 310, M 330, A 360, M 400, J 450, J 510 and so on.
00:04:08 Given previous comment, my calculation of Clapchat’s downloads in April need to be more precise: not ~330+/-10, but ~345. Then it becomes obvious that Clapchat’s May value overtakes Insta (345*1.2 is greater than 400). Hence the answer is (B) May
( Please report other dubious points )

00:00:58 Question types you will see in an Oliver Wyman test
00:01:24 Part 1 – Equations
00:28:10 Part 2 – Probability & Combinatorics
01:02:24 Part 3 – Geometry
01:21:24 Part 4 – Compounding
01:28:35 Part 5 – miscellaneous

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