Мотивационное письмо в магистратуру

Привожу своё мотивационное письмо в магистратуру MSc in Economic and Social Sciences Университета Боккони (Италия). Таким его увидела приёмная комиссия в 2011 году, когда я заканчивал бакалавриат МГИМО. Не идеал: много воды, фактов мало, язык хромает. И всё же сработало. 605 слов.

Master of Science in Economic and Social Sciences.
Statement of Purpose

My future career, either in the government or in a corporation, will be tightly connected with Italian-Russian economic relations. Such preference is partly explained by my affection to Italy, manifested long ago and resulted in concentration on this country during undergraduate studies, and partly by the extremely beneficial prospects of these relations. Indeed, bilateral trade between Russia and Italy exceeds $20 bn., large corporations, such as ENI and Gazprom, make multimillion deals, while small and medium-sized businesses of the countries increasingly penetrate the counterpart’s markets. Evidently, there is a lot of space for growth and development.

During my years at MGIMO, I devoted a lot of time to exploring Italy – its language, culture and history as well as its economy and political system. I even attended for two months the University of Florence, mainly improving my Italian, but also plunging into macro- and microeconomics. However, in order for me to become a high-calibre expert in Italian-Russian economic relations, knowledge gained during undergraduate studies needs some enforcement in theoretical and technical aspects, and that is why I am applying for MSc. in Economic and Social Sciences at Bocconi.

My goals in eventual studying for MSc. in Economic and Social Sciences are threefold: enhance my knowledge in international economic relations, learn advanced quantitative methods in economics and get acquainted with people who may become my colleagues and counterparts. These goals can be figuratively depicted as three “pillars” of Italian-Russian relations – Trade, Capital Flows and Human Capital, perception of which is of utmost importance for a career in this field.

As my chosen area of expertise necessitates, after studying international economics in Russia I should experience the Italian approach to it. This would be largely facilitated by communication with noted specialists in the field – prof. Paolo Epifani and prof. Guido Tabellini, esteemed by the faculty of MGIMO. Indeed, prof. Epifani’s research of the World Trade under the GATT-WTO was widely discussed in our International Economic Relations classes. At the same time I hope to benefit from the courses, such as International Trade and Economics of Energy, particularly tailored for international economics and Italian-Russian relations. Therefore, the MSc. in Economic and Social Sciences covers the first “pillar” – trade.

I would also like to continue learning quantitative methods, which nowadays constitute an essential part of economic analysis. During my undergraduate studies I started a research in FDI in different countries, primarily BRIC, but lack of technical econometric skills deprived me of the opportunity to proceed with it. Bocconi, which is famous for its quantitative courses, such as advanced mathematics, statistics and econometrics, would furnish me with knowledge needed in this study. As a result, I will continue my research in capital flows, covering mainly Italy and Russia, and thus percept the second pillar – Capital Flows between the two countries.

Finally, Bocconi would enable me to build a social network of people who I would meet later in my career. It will be much easier to negotiate things with officials and businessmen who I once shared my university bench with. Consequently, I will perceive the third “pillar” – Human Capital of Italian-Russian relations.

I am applying for the MSc. in Economic and Social Sciences at Bocconi because it offers great opportunities in studying international economic relations and quantitative methods, as well as in meeting would-be leaders in business and international relations. After Bocconi, I would possess considerable and pertinent knowledge in the three main areas concerning Italy and Russia – trade, capital and people. I believe that upon coming back to Russia I would become an expert in Italian-Russian economic relations and would contribute to their development for the benefit of both parties.

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