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Investment Banking Prep Online

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Build the essential skillset
for successful investment banking interviews


  • Personalized approach
    The class is at most 8 people, so you are sure to get lots of instructor’s attention and learn from him and your classmates. See what a typical class looks like
  • Uniquely structured theory materials
    ~60 pages of theory notes, synthesizing knowledge from all major prep materials including BIWS and AMT. Everything you need to know, in the shortest format possible, to help you focus and save time
  • Focus on project-based practice
    You read / watch the theory at home - the class is for hands-on practice only. You wil learn to answer most tricky interview questions and gain the essential investment banking knowledge on a valuation project
  • Prepare your own investment pitch
    Most important IB practice? Right, pitch of an investment idea! Every student will prepare their own investment pitch, present it to the class, receive feedback, and improve it to achieve excellence
  • Encouraged participation
    Unlike in a webinar, you won't sit idle and listen - you will have to participate. You will present and defend your solutions, like in a real interview
  • Amazing instructor
    The course is developed and taught by a bright ex-Goldman Sachs banker who worked in Moscow, London, and New York