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GMAT/GRE Verbal Course (Taught in English)

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GMAT & GRE do not measure your intelligence.
But they are gatekeepers to international education and employment


  • GMAT Verbal and GRE Verbal combined
    MBA programs are increasingly accepting both GMAT and GRE. Not sure which test to take? Considering to take both just in case? We'll help you out
  • Videoconference: mentorship approach
    The class is held in a videoconference with 6 students.
    You interact with your instructor and classmates a lot.
    See what a typical class looks like
  • 75 hours of prep time
    That's AT LEAST how much time you will invest in the course. 25 hours in class plus twice as much at home.
    Want more prep? No problem, you'll get it!
  • Amazing instructor
    The course is developed by an English language expert who taught at the UK Ministry of Defence.
    Don't dare skip a single class ;)
  • Convenience of online
    No need to travel anywhere. Just turn on your laptop and join in. In the [unlikely!] event that you decide to skip a class, watch the recording and catch up
  • Motivation framework
    This is not a webinar series. The course is designed to make sure you participate and stay on track. Be prepared for "motivational kicks." Sorry, but you'll have to learn