Why McKinsey / Bain / BCG?

Why MBB?

Why McKinsey / Bain / BCG?

We understood why consulting. Now the question is how to explain why you chose the specific consulting company and to apply there.

How do consulting firms differ from each other?

The story “Why consulting” should be supplemented with an answer to the most difficult question for many candidates: why this particular consulting company? And while choosing between MBB and “second tier” is not that difficult, distinguishing companies within the Big Three is a problem. Indeed, all three companies are strong, prestigious and open up great opportunities for you. Each of them fits into your motivation story.

But you should answer the question about your choice. Here is how it can be done:

  • The main value of any company from MBB (and not only MBB) is people, human capital. So tell that you are acquainted with some of them and would be happy to work with them! List the names of consultants and the circumstances in which you talked (presentations, coffee chats, friends of friends, etc.). Recall what the conversation was about. What struck you about these people? Why would you like to work with them? By giving detailed and convincing answers to these questions, you will prove that you fit into the corporate culture of the company, which means that you will give benefit to the company and its employees. You yourself will add to the main value of the company – its human capital.
  • In the conversations with MBB consultants, find out what they consider the distinguishing features of their companies. Then, as usual, explain why these distinctive features are important to you and how they fit into your motivation story.

As assistance, below you can find my list of the differences of MBB companies. Let me clarify at once that it is formed on the basis of my own research and interviews with consultants and is not exhaustive or official.

McKinsey and Company

  • People
  • The biggest company in Russia
  • The widest network of experts in the world
  • One Firm Philosophy – work all around the world
  • Strong staff training and development program

BCG – The Boston Consulting Group

  • People
  • The strongest orientation at technical specializations
  • Knowledge leadership: rich history of innovations in management (BCG Matrix)

Ваin and Company

  • People
  • Office culture, close relations inside it
  • The “softest” corporate culture
  • The strongest company in the field of direct investment (Private Equity), connections with Bain Capital

The next article – Why you? How to prove that you fit better than other candidates.

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