Основы управленческого консалтинга - Видеокурс - Flessibilità

Основы управленческого консалтинга – Видеокурс

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A Management Consultant's Toolkit,
Condensed into an MBA Course


  • This is a Video Course
    This video course was recorded during the previous intake of the in-person Consulting Toolkit course
  • Unique content
    This course condensed the foundations of management consulting toolkit applicable to young analysts in consulting, tech, investment funds, FMCG, and professional services
  • Real-life cases
    You will work on cases created and taught at some of the best business schools in the world and based on real management consulting projects
  • Strong peers
    Each of the 16 students will be selected based on the CV and a short interview in order for you to be able to learn from your peers and connect within and outside of class
  • Tailored readings
    You will be reading relevant articles and chapters of some of the best business books that have proven themselves in dozens of MBA courses at leading schools.
  • 20 hours in class and 20 hours at home
    While classroom experience is important, it is crucial for knowledge retention to practice the skills taught in class. You will have short homeworks most of the weeks aimed at practicing the class material.
  • Amazing instructor
    Experienced MBB consultant with an MBA from a top-tier school. More importantly, a passionate educator and a charismatic business leader