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Consulting Math Online

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Consulting Math: No Rocket Science,
but No Right for Mistake Either


  • Geared at consulting tests and interviews
    This course covers the essential math topics for consulting interviews. Whether you are preparing for a test, solving cases, or mastering market sizing questions, this course will develop and polish the required quantitative skills

    Course language: Russian
  • Focus on developing reliable math skills
    The topics are not rocket science in theory. However, you need to be 100% correct and extremely fast both in tests and interviews. Achieving this practical excellence in computations is the focus of the course
  • Personalized approach
    The class is at most 10 people, so you are sure to get lots of instructor’s attention. You will receive problems based on your own personal weak areas, needs, and skill level
  • Encouraged participation
    The instructor will explain solutions, tricks, and shortcuts at the beginning of each class. You will then solve your set of questions and present your solutions to the instructor.
  • Amazing instructor
    The course is co-developed by an ex-McKinsey consultant and taught by a professional math instructor
    and a math PhD student
  • Interactive classes online
    Follow this link to see how classes are carried out online ->



Dmitry Dobrov, BIC Group

Dmitrii Zykov, Wrigley